Welcome to AR Forensics.

We are cyber security experts with the tools and techniques to gather evidence, identify attacks, and recover lost data. We set ourself apart from others in the industry by leveraging experience and exposure to turn data into actionable intelligence.

Our mission is to provide our clients with industry leading security services that protect your most valuable assets.

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incident response & data recovery

picking up the pieces

A security compromise is survivable with the proper response. We offer a full-service Incident Response Team with decades of experience in handling real-world intrusions. We will discover the who, what, and when behind an attack and can recover data that you thought you'd never see again.

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network forensics & counter-threat operations

play proactive defense

You don't want to be the next headline and we can help. We have the skills and tools to find the at-risk areas of your network and to identify insider threats. Our team of former military Special Forces offers a holistic view of your physical and personnel security. The strong survive and we'll get you there.

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